Итак, управляющий директор Unitrust Corporate Services Ltd Павел Ростороцкий, он же Pavel (Paul) Rostorotsky являлся ранее представителем Rietumu Banka в Санкт-Петербурге. В 1999 году Павел эмигрировал в Канаду, где основал компанию Unitrust Corporate Services Ltd. Эта фирма зарегистрировала как минимум 5699 (!) оффшорных шелл-компаний.

Павел Ростороцкий еще в далеком 1995 году, будучи генеральным директором аудиторской фирмы “Шарль-Аудит”, уже успешно оказывал «услуги по срочной регистрации офшорных фирм в странах с льготным и нулевым налогообложением, помощь в открытии корпоративных счетов в зарубежных банках, в разработке оптимальных схем по использованию зарубежных фирм клиента в торговых, финансовых и других операциях на российском и международном рынках».

С 1995 по 1998 годы Павел Ростороцкий представлял Rietumu Banka в Санкт-Петербурге. На изображениях скриншоты из LinkedIn:





У него масса рекомендаций и отзывов на его личной странице в LinkedIn:

  • Fabio Frappi-Poldini, Consultant at Frappi-Poldini e Associati, 1 ноября 2011 г., Fabio был(а) клиентом участника Paul.
    “Paul is a very great collegue!!!”
  • Norbert Brust, Inh. bei Metamorphosys – Place of Bliss ; Brust Vermietungs KG.
    20 июля 2011 г., Norbert был(а) клиентом участника Paul
    “Thanks for a continous fruitful cooperation. It’s always a pleasure to work with Paul.”
  • F. Boma Ayomide Alabi OON, Senior Partner at Primera Africa Legal
    9 марта 2011 г., F. Boma был(а) клиентом участника Paul
    “Paul and his team at Unitrust are excellent and very good at what they do.”
  • Phil Marsh, Simple, effective service to consultants & agencies alike, covers UK, Europe, Asia & Middle East in contract management, 12 января 2011 г., Phil был(а) клиентом участника Paul. “Having known Paul for many years, he has proved his excellent in-depth knowledge of incorporating internationally and bank account opening. His is a unique field that demands expertise and trustworthiness which is why for several years now we rely solely on Paul’s company, Unitrust Capital in these matters.”
  • Jonathan Stagnetto. Managing Director at FORM-A-CO (GIBRALTAR) LIMITED, 11 декабря 2010 г., Jonathan сотрудничал(а) с участником Paul, но они работали в разных компаниях. “I have worked with Paul on mutual business introductions for a number of years now, and have been impressed by his keen attention to detail, to his clients’ best interests and to securing the most efficient solution to any challenge that his clients may present him with.”
  • Eugene Lishak, Business Analyst at Amaya Software, 8 декабря 2010 г., Eugene сотрудничал(а) с участником Paul, но они работали в разных компаниях. “I asked Paul for his advice several times with regard to some of my business situations and ideas. His help proved to be efficient. He gave me reasonable and right-to-the-point recommendations, helped to resolve problems, and even played devil’s advocate when needed to prevent me from making mistakes. I always feel comfortable sharing my ideas with Paul because I trust him. There is one more thing I want to tell you about Paul. He never promises what he cannot deliver and always delivers what he promises.”
  • Norbert Brust, Inh. bei Metamorphosys – Place of Bliss ; Brust Vermietungs KG. 3 декабря 2010 г., Norbert был(а) клиентом участника Paul. “We have a long lasting business cooperation and I appreciate doing business with Paul. Excellent performance, punctual and reliable service. It’s always a pleasure to work with Paul’s Unitrust Capital Corp. Thanks – Norbert (GlobalCash Ltd.).”
  • Nicholas Shiakallis, Board Member at RTBS LTD, 3 декабря 2010 г., Nicholas был(а) клиентом участника Paul. “I have been working with Paul for a number of years and during this period our cooperation has been growing together. I like his personal involvement in the services his office provide, the excellent quality and punctual time frames.”
  • Ari Berman, CMC Advisor – A Change Management Company, 2 декабря 2010 г., Ari был(а) клиентом участника Paul. “Paul is a provider of corporate entities that aid in serving the needs of my clients. When my need is for a particularly creative and comprehensive solution suite that satisfies those clients’ needs, he has brought forward both counsel and and dependable service. I don’t hesitate one moment in recommending Paul’s services for IBC’s, banking introductions and good sound advice about the environments in which these structures reside.”
  • Johannus M.W. Demers, 2 декабря 2010 г., Johannus M.W. был(а) клиентом участника Paul. “I have known Paul for nearly 10 years now. We have become, besides doing business together, also friends on a personal level. In all this time he has proved his excellent business skills in his sector, he gives advice and professional opinions which I have not received from any of his many competitors! I have no problem at all to recommend Paul to anybody. He is a 1st class choice! Paul wish you all the best & that business keeps at this level.”
  • Demers Johannus / First Commercial Capital Corp.,
  • Andrej Filanda, Partner, 9 октября 2009 г., Andrej был(а) клиентом участника Paul. “We have used Paul’s services several times. He and his team deliver great results – customised approach, almost instant replies to our queries, high integrity and what is imporant these days – value for money.”
  • Joe Vassallo Gatt FCCA, CPA. At 23 июня 2009 г., Joe был(а) клиентом участника Paul. “Paul has been very professional in the work which we have done together. Paul’s company is capable of registering companies in all the major jurisdictions of the world in a very efficient manner.”

Сомневаться ли в том, что большинство из 5699 оффшорных шелл-компаний, зарегистрированных Павлом Ростороцким, имели счета в Rietumu Banka, да и, собственно говоря, были зарегистрированы в тесном сотрудничестве с Rietumu Banka?

Однако любопытно другое – каким из этих 5699 shell-companies (НЕ) были заблокированы счета 19 марта 2018?


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